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August 21, 2013
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Luna Reference by Kuro-Okuri Luna Reference by Kuro-Okuri
The special winter visitor with Suizo for :icondevilsshadowoct: (The entire get-up with seasonal visitors will be explained in the audition journal)

Name: Luna
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Ht: 5’ 6”
Wt: 131 lbs.
Job: Assassin (only during winter months or when it is cold enough for ice outside)
Ability: Using ice magic
Likes: Cold temperatures, but also warm things (She doesn’t like being in hot temperatures but she does like eating, drinking, or hugging warm things); Glacies and her winter assassin partner Suizo; Snow and ice (obviously); old friends; sweets
Dislikes: Hot temperatures; Tizuka (she’s actually afraid of him); losing Glacies somehow since she is her buddy; getting frozen solid on occasions; new people
Favorite drink: Hot chocolate
Wanted to (Reason for Tizuka picking her as an NPC): To be the second assassin besides Suizo and to make it snow or at the very least cold for a few days
Goal in life: to kill as many people as Suizo
Personality: Luna acts shy around new people and stutters, trailing off with her words and slowing backing off to quietly leave the situation. However, if you try to attack, hurt, or touch her, she will stop slipping up on her words and tell you to go away. (It’s sort of like a very short-term bipolar disorder that is only triggered when she is threatened.) She will threaten you with ice shards pointed to your neck and will freeze herself in a large crystal-like chunk of ice if you attempt to grab her. Luna doesn’t think of other people as ‘human’ until she gets to know them, so she has no problem killing another person. If she is talking to any of her friends, which is basically only Suizo, she has no issues talking. She’ll even joke around a little and enjoys eating sweets with her buddy.

Bio: Luna is an ice mage that wanders alone with her buddy Glacies. She usually walks through forests and visits towns to eat, living off of the money she earns from killing people with Suizo. She can walk around in her odd clothing since she has no issues with cold temperatures and actually gets hot easily if she wears more layers without so much ‘openness’. You may have noticed her skin is blue. That is because her body temperature is very low. She’s as cold as an ice cube when you poke her, but not wet like one. The only reason she is physically like this is because her magic is ice-based, and gives her no medical conditions. Luna is not afraid to kill anyone, as that is her job during the winter months or cold days. (Ice shards are used to kill the victim and eventually melt, leaving no murder weapon so Luna gets away free) She usually uses the latter as a last resort, since the only way to get out is to let the ice melt and that can take a while. Luna doesn’t enjoy being stuck like that, so that is only a last resort. (It also becomes very difficult to move her since the chunk of ice is very heavy) A third magic skill besides ice shards and cases of ice is a wall barrier made of ice. This takes a decent amount of magic from Luna’s high magic stamina like the crystal-cage of ice and is rarely ever used. The shards use very little magic though.

Name: Glacies
Age: 2
Gender: Female
Species: Sealish-thing
Ht: 5 inches
Width: 6 inches
Length: 20 inches (or 1’ 8”)
Wt: 5 lbs
Bio: Glacies is a seal-like familiar for Luna. She can float and fly around and make it snow around herself. She doesn’t like other people and doesn’t warm up to them quickly. She really just likes to hang with Luna.

-Luna and Glacies mean moon and ice in Latin, respectively. Because of this, Luna is Greek
-Luna got the old personality that another character, Shirotsuki, was originally supposed to have at first!
-She was going to be in a set of adoptables, but I liked her design too much to sell her :3

Any questions? Feel free to ask!

Luna, Glacies, and Devil's Shadow are mine~

The Ice Mage: Luna
EDsnowydragon Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2013
I like her :D and her little critter  :la:
Kuro-Okuri Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2013  Student General Artist
Thank you! Glacies is a little cutie :3
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